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Freewatt Micro Combined Heat & Power (MCHP) at ECR International . About Freewatt

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This week Climate Energy and Honda announced that they will bring a micro-CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system to the American market, under the trade name Freewatt(TM).

3 Apr 2007 In relation to energy costs, Climate Energy test data has shown that when the freewatt(TM) Micro-CHP system replaces a typical 80%

MCHP owners also can utilize net metering to realize an additional, unique financial benefit of using the freewatt(tm) system.

Freewatt has slightly more power and heat output and is sold complete with a heating system; a boiler for hot water or a furnace for hot air.

FREEWATT Ltd specialises in delivering renewable energy solutions to domestic, commercial and non-profit organistaions. We are based in Lincolnshire but can work anywhere.

Plus, freewatt systems provide constant thermal comfort, without the temperature swings and noisy cycling that comes with a traditional heating system.

In this conversation he discusses freewatt, a micro-CHP (combined heat and power) system. He also reflects on the eclipse and renewal of interest in the hybrid skillset celebrated by the...

It started in 2000, with the development of our first micro-combined heat and power system. Now known as the freewatt, these unique co-generation units have advanced to become one of the...

The freewatt(TM) Micro-CHP systems will only be available through certified, trained, and authorized Climate Energy installation professionals.

In a typical residential application, the MCHP is combined with a specially designed heating system, like the freewatt® by ECR International.

May 11, 2009 -- The future of home energy has arrived with the freewatt® home heating system. Manufactured by ECR, freewatt is the green alternative in home heating, allowing homeowners...

freewatt can be easily installed by certified freewatt professionals in both new and existing construction as either the full system or the "freewatt ready" system.

The Climate Energy freewatt System combines an advanced Honda MCHP engine-generator module with an Internet-enabled residential heating system.

Syracuse University as part of the Syracuse Center of Excellence (SyracuseCoE) has installed a Freewatt micro-CHP system at a home on the Near Westside of Syracuse.

The freewatt system featuring the Honda MCHP is available for sale through ECR of freewatt systems and can provide dealer and distributor information.

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Welcome to freewatt. We are a specialist design and installation company working solely in solar photovoltaics (PV).

electricity and reduce its carbon footprint by 40 percent.
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